Welcome to the Student Investment Club

Learn all about managing your money, making investing simple, and mastering applicable skills for novices and experts alike.

Learn and Grow

Join the Student Investment Club and gain valuable knowledge about the world of investing. Our members are introduced to various investment topics, such as stocks, bonds, ETFs, cryptocurrencies, and more. Take the first step towards a successful financial future by mastering key investment strategies and concepts.

Real-World Experience

Participate in interactive workshops, how-to-trade sessions, and our signature MarketWatch investment challenge. These hands-on activities provide a unique opportunity to apply your newfound knowledge and develop essential skills for investing in the real world.

Networking and Mentorship

Connect with like-minded students, industry professionals, and experienced investors who share your passion for finance. Our club fosters a supportive and inclusive environment, where members can exchange ideas, collaborate on projects, and receive personalized guidance from mentors.

Interested in joining?

Join our meetings every Tuesday at 6:30 PM in Stuzin 104.

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